Owning your own home will no longer be a dream. We offer you apartments on favorable terms so that you can turn your wish into reality. Get your own apartment with 30% down payment, 2-year internal loan and prices starting from 1400 AZN per month. Contact us for more information.


Baku is constantly developing and modernizing day by day. Our capital can now keep up with the biggest cities in the world. And even we witness with our own eyes that Baku is moving towards a beautiful future.


In turn, Baku City Residence fully matches the architectural style of our city and makes a special contribution to its unique beauty.


The role of suburban zones is increasing in the development of the city, which is rapidly improving and is gradually freed from factories and factories. The increased density and noise in the center leads to the relocation of investment and residence to the suburbs. That is why the location of the project increases its value even more.


We invite you to stay away from risky and time-consuming investments and invest in a guaranteed and promising business. The BCR residential complex is growing, new buildings are being built and more projects are planned.